Fischer Skiroller Carbonlite Classic

Fischer Skiroller Carbonlite Classic

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Fischer Skiroller Carbonlite Classic Rollerski
With bindng Salomon SNS Profil Equipe Classic (self installation)!

FISCHER Carbonlite Classic – rollerskis with new air core shaft for diagonal style. With the FISCHER Carbonlite Classic Rollerski the Austrian company starts into summer. The shaft concept orientated on famous rollerski brands like SweNor, Pro-Ski, Quionne, SRB, etc. The basis is a nordic-ski with honeycomb air core reinforced by carbon. It helps to provide on-snow feeling on rollerskis. The shaft gets much flexibility and allows a ski-feeling known from nordic-skiing.

The wheels are known from SRB and Powerslide. The handing is very stable and helps to imitade diagonal style in summer. The back wheels are equip by locking device. Standard are mud flaps.vThe FISCHER Carbonlite Classic Rollerski provides good on-snow feeling.

Shaft: Air core and carbon reinforcement 
Wheel Base: 745 mm
Shaft Wide: ca. 4.5 cm
Stand Height: ca. 5.5 cm
Ground Clearance: ca. 2.8 cm
Wheels: 80 x 38mm rubber (56A, medium), incl. reverselock (rearwheel)
Weight (one pair): ca. 2.28 kg

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