Skike V07 Wheel Bearing Set

Skike V07 Wheel Bearing Set

Product no.: Skike V07-Radlager ohne Spacer

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9.95 / set(s)
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This ball bearing set consists of 8 splash protected ball bearings for Skikes (8 bearings for 4 wheels). The ball bearings are greased and won't need servicing during their lifetime. They will offer protection from splash water like rain but not against deep water crossings or cleaning with high pressure cleaning devices. The bearings achieve their optimum running characteristics after an initial running distance of about 60 km. Including spacers.

Caution: These bearings are only suitable for standard Skike wheels, not for reverse locked wheels, Skike S/kids or Skike VX

No spacer included. Use the old spacer from the old bearnings.

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