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The XRS06 ist the first SRB cross-skate from SRB Barthelmes with "fat" tyres. 8,0 x 2,0 inch (200 x 50 mm). SRB Barthelmes is a german producer of rollerskis with a log experience in manufacturing. Every skate has its own brake (2 brakes a pair). Two piece rims for quicker tube changes. Hight quality buckle binding system with comfortable paddings.

Optional: Reinfroced Frame for skaters over 95 kg (extra charge 40 €). You can use your own shoes on the skate.

The frame fo the XRS06  is close to the 6 inch wheel cross-skate models XRS02 and XRS03. SRB produces also a 8.5 cm shorter model: the XRS07.

The bigger tires are better shock absorbers (wider und bigger diameter). The cross-skate rolls softer over the ground. To skate off-road is a littel bit easier than with cross skate with 6 inch high pressure tires. But the higher weight of the skates makes it a little more exhausting on longes distances.

The XRS06 / XRS07 is also a very interesting cross-skate Skate-Jöring, Kite-Skater and Downhill-Skating.

Please consider: The agility is less, because the skates are havier.

Weight: approx. 2770 grams / skate
Wheelbase: 610 mm
Load on rear wheels: 62,5 %
For shoe sizes (EU): 37 up to 50 (depends from the sole shape)
Ground clearance: 54 mm
Standing height: 98 mm, including heel of shoe 20mm
Wheel diameter: 194 mm
Tyre width: 50 mm

Please notice: The lighter models XRS02 and XRS03 are better for longer trips on harder ground like tarmac or hard natural groud. The models XRS06 or XRS07 give more options for off-road skating. The price is, it's a little more exhausting on longer trips.
Furthermore.. cross-skating is not skiing! If anybody tell you it's like skiiing, he cannot skiing or he has not idea about cross-skating (or both!). Unfortunately some dealers are loudmouth. The felling and the technique to control cross-skates is quite similar but definitve not the same!

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