Complete High Pressure 6-inch wheel for Cross Skates

Complete High Pressure 6-inch wheel for Cross Skates

Product no.: CSS-Rad-6 Zoll

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Our complete wheel for 6-inch Cross-Skates and the most Skirollers is equipped with (arbitrary) robust BLACKARMADA or  CHENG SHIN tyres. The wheel that really fits! Fitting Skike wheels without spacer, as it is offered elsewhere, often simply goes wrong. We have tested this much sturdier rim at up to 10 bar and found that it enables Powerslide skaters to safely skate at extremely high tyre pressure. However, we provide no guarantee if the maximum pressure stated by the manufacturer is exceeded. Recommended for the Powerslide XC Path 2.0 or X-Trail 150.

The special Hosprint rim has a hexagon shaped middle and can be upgraded with a Hosprint reverse lock. This rim offers far better rotation than the original Powerslide plastic rim. The complete wheel includes tyre, high-quality ABEC 11 bearings, our own brand tube, special spacer and our graphite-gray special rim - alll fully assembled and inflated, ready for use. 

Our complete wheels are all hand-assembled, as machine assembly might lead to damage due to excessive pressure.

Colour: graphite-gray

Size: 6-inch rim with 153 x 32 mm tyre

Our tip:  Always take a complete wheel and a small wrench with you on your tour. A flat tire can then be fixed within no more than two minutes. Take off the caps of the hub axle nuts at home so that you can easily access them in case of a breakdown. Also regularly check the air pressure of the spare tyre - a flat spare tyre is not much use!

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