CSS tyre lever 2.0

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This tyre lever is made exclusively for the Cross-Skate-Shop and has been designed especially for fitting Cross-Skate tyres from 5 inches (Blackarmada, Skike, Skike S, Skike VX, Powerslide Road Star, Kenda etc). It is virtually unbreakable but still so delicately manufactured that it enables you to work precisely whilst being gentle on the tyres. This set of levers is our tip for all Road Star and Blackarmada tyres, especially for 5-inch tyres. Be careful when working with light alloy rims to avoid scratching! Since we have started to use this lever in our workshop, it takes us less than half the time to change a tyre than with our tyre fitting machine. Usually you don't need more than one lever (the image shows the lever from different perspectives). In diffucult cases you should order a pair of this levers.

For easier und saver tyre changs, we recommend our tyre fitting gel.

Video: How to change tyres

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