Skike V07 Wheel Bearing for Reverse Lock

Skike V07 Wheel Bearing for Reverse Lock

Product no.: SK-V07-Rücklaufsperre-Lager

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Replacement wheel bearings for Skike V07 reverse lock.

What if the reverse lock is still working but the wheel bearings already started grinding? Skike the company offers no replacements! With our special Cross-Skate-Shop replacement wheel bearings you won't have to throw away the entire reverse lock as it was recommended by the manufacturer. You can continue by using your reverse lock: simply exchange the bearings and keep going. The set includes 4 ball bearings for 1 pair of Skike reverse locks (= 2 wheels) and the installation manual by Cross-Skate-Shop.


Please note: This is the side wheel bearing and not the inset in the middle of the wheel which prevents the wheel from going backwards! Not suitable for normal Skike V07 wheels - only for wheels with reverse lock.


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