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The Cross Skate XRS03 by German manufacturer SRB Barthelmes is developed from the Cross Rollski XRS01. Its new buckle binding is designed for skating with your own shoes and the 6-inch air tires are great for skating even in slightly more challenging terrain. Downhill skating is made safer due to mounted brakes on both sides. SRB have developed the Click-Fast Binding which is adjustable in width as well as length. This product is made in Germany from high quality material and is based on many years of experience in rollski production. The SRB XRS03  is very lightweight!

This is the first mass produced Cross-Skate to meet the demands for a modern, ergonomic Cross-Skate design and is nominated as Cross-Skate of the Year 2012 in Cross-Skating Magazine. Its comfortably long wheelbase and extremely low standing height makes it a top product for ambitious Cross-Skaters as well as quality-conscious beginners. Many customers call the SRB XRS "the better Skike" and they are right: Everything ist on a newer state of the technology and the hole concept is significant newer.

All models also available with additional frame and fork reinforcement (choose "SRB-XRS-zusätzlich-verstärkte Schwingen" in addition). Then the wheel fork is 8 mm wide instead of 4 mm.

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Wheelbase: 525 mm
Standing height: 58 mm
Wheel diameter: 155 mm
Tire width: 32 mm
Colour: silber
Weight: 2,3/2,1 kg (Aluminium wheels / GFK wheels), with enforcement (8 mm whell forks) + 240 grams
Reverse lock available.

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