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Product no.: CSS-Reifengel 50 g

Tyre Fitting Gel / Fitting Lubricant "Gold"

49 ml = approx. 55 gramms tin
Price per 100g: EUR 3,55

Old price 2.45 €
1.99 *

In stock
can be shipped within 3 bis 5 days

Product no.: CSS-Vollmetallhebel

The improved version 2.0 of our CSS Metal Tyre Lever has been on the version 2.0 is slightly longer for better power dosing. Now better and cheaper.

8.95 *

In stock

Product no.: Diamantfeile DMT

Diamond File DMT for sharpening - made in USA

pole ends and tools. Save money and skate saver! More fun and more economic style on road

Old price 25.99 €
19.99 *

In stock

Product no.: Topeak Pressure Rite

Topeak Pressure-Rite Adapter
piece for air pumps

12.90 *

In stock

Product no.: Ventilschrauber

Valve Screwdriver for Schrader Valves


4.49 *

In stock

Product no.: Kunststoff-Reifenheber

Glasfibre tire lever set
for aluminium rims

3.33 / pair(s) *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: Torx T-Griff T 25

Torx Key T25

"Star-Profile" for Powerslide XC Path axles or SRB XRS02

7.99 *

Still in stock

Product no.: 8-mm T-Griff Steckschlüssel
6.95 *

In stock

Product no.: 10-mm Rohrsteckschlüssel
6.29 *

In stock

Product no.: Diamant Trennscheibe

Diamant cutting wheel

sharpening your pole ends with tools like "Dremel"

9.99 *

In stock
can be shipped within 3 bis 5 days

Product no.: 3 mm Inbusschlüssel

3 mm hexagon socket srew key
nessecary with Hypa rims

0.50 *

In stock

Product no.: Skike-Achsenschluessel
2.49 *

In stock

Product no.: Thermokork

Thermoplastic Cork for repairs or surface amendments on KV+ pole handles

1.95 / pack(s) *

Still in stock


Product no.: Pumpenkopf für Schraderventile

Pump head
for the most high pressure pumps

7.99 *

In stock
can be shipped within 2 bis 4 days

Product no.: Rohrschneider

Pipe Cutter
for shortening poles

5.49 *

In stock

Product no.: Einwegspritze-20ml
0.50 *

In stock

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