SRB-Cross-Skate XRS06-CSS-Edition

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We modificate the XRS06 into our "CSS-Edition" with some avances for you...

  1. High quality rims for higher air pressure and easier tire changing
  2. Tyres with longitudinal grooved profile for best grip on each ground an the smoothest rollig charakter
  3. Race-wheelbrarings - seltexplantory benefit  drive faster, have more fun!

The XRS06 ist the first SRB cross-skate from SRB Barthelmes with "fat" tyres. 8,0 x 2,0 inch (200 x 50 mm). SRB Barthelmes is a german producer of rollerskis with a log experience in manufacturing. Every skate has its own brake (2 brakes a pair). Two piece rims for quicker tube changes. Hight quality buckle binding system with comfortable paddings.
We add our special tool for easier wheel removal!
Optional: Reinfroced Frame for skaters over 95 kg (extra charge 40 €). You can use your own shoes on the skate.

The frame fo the XRS06  is close to the 6 inch wheel cross-skate models XRS02 and XRS03. SRB produces also a 8.5 cm shorter model: the XRS07.

The bigger tires are better shock absorbers (wider und bigger diameter). The cross-skate rolls softer over the ground. To skate off-road is a littel bit easier than with cross skate with 6 inch high pressure tires. But the higher weight of the skates makes it a little more exhausting on longes distances.

The XRS06 / XRS07 is also a very interesting cross-skate Skate-Jöring, Kite-Skater and Downhill-Skating.

Please consider: The agility is less, because the skates are havier.

Weight: approx. 2790 grams / skate (2590 grams with 7-inch tyres)
Wheelbase: 610 mm
Load on rear wheels: 62,5 %
For shoe sizes (EU): 37 up to 50 (depends from the sole shape)
Ground clearance: 54 mm
Standing height: 98 mm, including heel of shoe 20mm
Wheel diameter: 194 mm
Tyre width: 50 mm

Please notice: The lighter models XRS02 and XRS03 are better for longer trips on harder ground like tarmac or hard natural groud. The models XRS06 or XRS07 give more options for off-road skating. The price is, it's a little more exhausting on longer trips.
Furthermore.. cross-skating is not skiing! If anybody tell you it's like skiiing, he cannot skiing or he has not idea about cross-skating (or both!). Unfortunately some dealers are loudmouth. The felling and the technique to control cross-skates is quite similar but definitve not the same!

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