Tube for 6-inch tyres

Product no.: 6x1,25 Zoll Ventil 45/30 Grad

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Airtube 6 x 1,25 inch / 150 x 30 mm

We have tested this tube extensively and we think it is very good indeed!

This tube fits 6 x 1.25 inch tyres (150-158 x 28 to 37 mm): Skikes starting from Version 03, Powerslide Cross and Nordic Trainers, Coyote, Fleeskate, Cross-Skiroller.

Its valve has the same length and angle as Skike and Powerslide tubes. With Schrader Valve.

Our Tip:

  • During assembly, make sure that you put the valve exactly into the deepening provided so that the valve will not grind the frame.
  • Reduce the likelihood of punctures by always skating with high tyre pressure.
  • Loose or defective valves may also be responsible for loss of pressure. A Valve wrench might help with this problem.
  • Always use a suitable Lubricant during tyre or tube assembly.

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