CSS Tuning Ankle Bearing Set Skike V07

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When using the original Skike ankle bearing, the main frame abrades instead of the actual ankle bearing. After around 800 to 1500 km the main frame has gained so much gap that precise Skating is becoming an effort. After fitting our CSS special bearing many customers report how much they are enjoying their regained skating precision.

The Tuning ankle bearing can be self-assembled (two-component adhesive is required) and can even be integrated into really worn out frames. It also lasts longer. It is deliered with assembly instructions, although we do offer installation at our workshop at an additional € 20. Once even this ankle bearing is worn out it can easily be replaced with a new one - or the original Skike ankle bearing.

Made from Stainless steel and special plastic.


Durabiliby: Our customers have reported running times of over 4000 km. We have not had any complaints about wear and tear. One bearing set has had an endurance test of  6700 km .

Installation time: Approx. 25 minutes (faster with practice).




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